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5 Best Things To Do In Leeds This Winter (2019)


Leeds is a special place to visit any time of year, but there’s a particular magic that hangs in the air during those chillier months towards the back of the year. I’ve lived in Leeds my whole life, a modest 24 years – and I’ve yet to find somewhere I’d rather be during November and December (though perhaps an impromptu visit to Australia would change that). Whether you’re looking to wrap-up and take on the wet, windy and wild weather or find a cosy spot to hide from the elements, our lovely city can supply the goods.

Below you can find my round-up of some of our favourite things to do in Leeds this winter:

Visit the Leeds Christmas Market

I’ll never forget my first time visiting the Leeds Christmas Market. A very small human, clutching my dad’s hand – smelling the tasty smells, taking in the bright lights and walking through seemingly endless rows of wooden stalls with happy folks flogging interesting goods inside. Since then I get excited to relive the experience each year, and now, you’ll be pleased to know, the Christmas market has made it’s return! You’ll be able to enjoy this annual Leeds spectacle until December 22nd!

Cocktails and Live Jazz @ The Domino Club

Credit: McFade Photography

Formerly the best-kept secret in Leeds, The Domino Club has now become an unmissable staple to Leeds nightlife. With daily live music, the sounds of talented jazz and blues artists flood out from the brick-wall-backdrop and through the low-lit cocktail bar at all hours of the night (often until 4am). High energy weekend shows pull the larger crowds, but there’s something to be said about wandering in on a cold winter’s eve for a tipple or two and some excellent music.

Music, Pints & Pool at Brudenell Social Club

Those of you who aren’t native to Leeds might not know about our incredible music scene. The effervescent, youthful and vibrant music collective in Leeds finds itself hosted by a central hub: Brudenell Social Club. A fundamental pillar of Leeds music scene and arguably one of the best venues in the UK (possibly even the world?), The Brudes is certainly a place to visit if you’re a fan of good music, a great atmosphere, tasty pints and a game of pool.

Bonus: It’s also a great spot to watch footy! 10/10.

Pizza at Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen

Photo credit: https://leeds-list.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/ll-belgrave-terrace-june-2015-kn-6.jpg

Another of Leeds’ most enchanting bars, this goliath of a building contains a sprawling and spacious downstairs bar area, a renowned venue upstairs and a gorgeous rooftop terrace – which, even in winter, is well worth a visit (just make sure you wrap up!). By far, my absolute favourite thing about visiting Belgrave is grabbing a slice of Pizza from doughboys. I’ve never been to Italy before, so I won’t try to claim doughboys pizza as the best in the world – but they must be pretty damn close.

Explore The City!

Kirkgate, The Northern Quarter, Granary Wharf – even Hyde Park! There are a lot of great areas in Leeds, and catching them in November and December, under the festive lights really makes for a fun adventure. You can find some good grub in Granary Wharf, an array of excellent drinking spots in the northern quarter, and plenty of stores for a spot of shopping in Kirkgate. If you can brave the weather, then take to the streets and celebrate the festive season in Leeds city center – there really is something for everyone.

While Leeds is both a culturally dense and historical city, it’s inventory continues to expand faster and wider than ever and these days there’s more to do than there is time to do it all. If you’re passing through this Winter, make sure you spare a few hours to get around and catch some of our must-sees – you’ll have a hoot!

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